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Taco Bell Collage.jpg
Taco Bell Billboard.jpg
Taco Bell Poster Vertical.jpg
Taco Bell Pattern.jpg
Taco Bell Elevation 2.jpg
Taco Bell Elevation 1.jpg
Taco Bell Elevation 4.jpg
Taco Bell Elevation 3.jpg
Taupiri 2.jpg
Taupiri 1.jpg
Taupiri 4 crop.jpg
Christchurch 1.jpg
Taco Bell Bell.jpg
Taco Bell Street.jpg


I was engaged to design multiple concepts for Taco Bell illustrations and wall murals which could be repurposed and reused across multiple locations as new stores get rolled out. The patterns needed to be flexible enough to work in different spaces, remaining visually interesting either as cropped in details, full artworks or tiled repeats. Each design can be rendered as flat art or a combination of printed decals, transparent acrylics, hand painted elements, exposed wall finishes, neon illustrations and 3D assets.

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