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NZ House Wall Story.jpg
3X Poster Frames.jpg
3X Street Posters.jpg
NZ House Invite.jpg
NZ Team ID Cards.jpg
NZ House Timetable Screen.jpg
NZ Team Pillar Posters.jpg
NZ House TV.jpg
NZ House Windows 01.jpg
NZ House Folding Signs.jpg
NZ House Stand Up Banners.jpg
NZ House Windows 02.jpg


Working with the team at Designworks I created the concept for NZ House — our athlete's home away from home during the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. To promote connection back to home and help ease some of the pressure associated with such an elite level event we used the NZ Team fern manipulated to act as a beautiful and calming stand-in for Aotearoa: The Land Of The Long White Cloud. Gentle fern/cloud graphics in Day and Night modes paired with uplifting messaging create an embracing and supportive atmosphere amongst the high-pressure, performance based comms that athletes are bombarded with.

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